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Rand Road/IL 83/Kensington Road Study

  • Put pedestrian crossing at camp mcdonald rand. There is over 2 miles between pedestrian crossings across rand. Thomas and kensington/83/rand is the closest ones. I dont count the one on Euclid because the sidewalk doesnt go across the cemetery on euclid. It just goes to a gas station and park. Also this intersection is bisecting a 10 mile bike corridor. If you want any new connection across or to rand road here is the place to do it. Camp mc Donald mostly has only adults, not just road cyclists, that ride their bikes on it but this could be improved with facilities added on camp McDonald. Nethertheless this movement should still be facilitated with a crosswalk at camp McDonald and a path from camp McDonald to watermelon. Here is the 10 mile bike corridor drawn out.
  • Put a pedestrian crossing at Camp Mc Donald/Rand and put sidewalk or path on southwest side of rand from camp McDonald to watermelon ave and put a sidewalk down camp McDonald between schoenbeck and dale ave cooperation with prospect heights and Arlington heights will be needed. Google maps puts this intersection partly in mount prospect. I dont know if this is accurate. There is a major gap in pedestrian crossings across rand. It is over 2 mile gap between the closest ones at rand/83/Kensington(This isn’t a safe crossing as a pedestrian. I hate the crossing there.) and Thomas ave. I dont count the one at Euclid because the sidewalk stops before the cemetery and doesn’t really go anywhere just a gas station and a park. It would be nice if the sidewalk went down Euclid to downtown Arlington Heights. I also suggest maybe that camp McDonald gets bike lanes as this would provide a 10 mile bike connection down camp McDonald/Oakton St /Wike Rd with existing side path/a non existing 5 foot long path connection to Arlington park Metra parking lot from wike rd/an existing side path around Arlington park and existing facilities down industrial/Illinois ave. If you want a huge bike connection to or across rand here it is. It would be nice if camp McDonald got the bike lanes but I still often see people riding their bikes on it (not just road cyclist)but I know they will not ride their bikes to watermelon/Oakton down rand. Make that movement possible. Rand rd posses major barriers to someone outside of a car. There are little east west connections across rand for bikes and pedestrians. I hope there will be more crossings, sidewalks and bike facilities along rand and the surrounding streets in the future.

Rand Road Corridor Comments (project completed in February 2017)

  • Please install a dedicated right turn only lane on Eastbound Kensington onto Rand rd in front of the auto parts store. Make a dedicated left turn only lane on Westbound Kensington to Rand rd. Would then have 4 Westbound lanes, a dedicated turn lane for right and left turns onto Rand, and 2 Westbound lanes to Rt 83 or continue on Kensington. A dedicated right turn lane on Kensington into Randhurst would help so traffic doesn’t back up to the the Home Depot and it could be extended to the dedicated right turn lane onto Rand rd on the other side of that intersection. Extend or install dedicated right turn lanes on Rand and Rt 83. Intersection should also be illuminated brighter and uniformly approaching and throughout the intersection.

  • There is no safe way to cross rand road at 83. No crosswalks!! I shouldn’t have to worry about my wife walking to Randhurst.

  • Crosswalks on Rand/83/Kensington. It’s nuts to have a pedestrian mall with no pedestrian access from the South.
  • A left turn lane on Eastbound Kensington to turn onto 83 or Rand. That’ always causes congestion on weekends.

  • You should add street lights along the Rand Rd from Central all the way to Euclid! It would provide more safety and more business appeal for future development

  • I am sure that you have previous comments regarding the corner of Rand Road and Mount Prospect Road. When exiting from the Central Plaza going to Mount Prospect Road is always a problem during busy hours. Sometimes have to wait 1 or 2 lights to cross because of all the cars going east on Rand Road turn on to Mount Prospect Road. There is only room for about 6 or 8 cars and with all the cars coming off Rand Road there is not any room for those going North on Mount Prospect Road from the shopping center.

  • Please, Please address the intersection of Rand/83/Kensington. The longer oncoming green light is going to cause a serious accident!

  • I would like to see easier access in and out of Randhurst on Rand and Kensington (as well as a reconfiguration of the parking lot at Randhurst – which I understand is not part of this plan – but, it is a nightmare to find your way out, and I’m there at least once a week!) I see quite a few people on bikes, and traffic has to slow down when passing them – a bike lane in both directions would be ideal.

  • I would like to see better access to Randhurst from the south. You take your life in your hands when you try to cross Rand, Kensington and Elmhurst. I live close enough to walk and have, but it’s beyond dangerous to do so.
  • Consider bike lanes. Diagonal roads are can improve communing time by bike.
  • Rand Rd. corridor is geographic center of Mount Prospect. Future transportation requirements are going to demand safe access over Rand Road when the regional arterial becomes an SRA. During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s property on both sides of Rand Road at Hill Street was purchased by the Mount Prospect Park District for future recreational needs and protection of open space.Providing access to the downtown amenities; Public Library, Village Hall, Train Station and restaurants/ businesses will only be possible financially when the regional improvements are approved and funded.The Rand Rd. Corridor plan must address the need for this pedestrian access over State Route 12. If the area is to be pedestrian friendly and bike safe such overhead access must be a requirement for this study.The site is located 900 feet NW of the intersection of Rand Road & Business Center Drive, also known as Hill Street Tree Park and Gregry Park on the west side of Rand. In past time periods I worked diligently to get property purchased to prepare for this long-term project. I was elected to the park district in 1990 and now sit as Trustee on Mount Prospect Village Board.Currently only two official pedestrian crossings across Rand Road are approved by IDOT. One at Mount Prospect Road and a second at Business Center Drive. Hardly the required access to meet the requirements of a thriving non-auto transportation environment.