Project Outreach

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Public Meetings held so far. Missed an event? It’s not too late to view the meeting materials. Please scroll below for more information.

Public Information Meeting | April 28, 2022

Thanks to everyone for joining us at Village Hall on April 28 to review and discuss the proposed improvements associated with the Rand Road/IL 83/Kensington Road Intersection Engineering Study. A link to the meeting exhibits follows below:

Virtual Public Information Event | February 7-21, 2022

The Virtual Public Event presented transportation needs and proposed improvements for the Rand Road / IL 83 / Kensington Road Engineering Study. The Virtual Public Event materials are posted below:

  1. View a video presentation which provides an overview of the project, the alternatives evaluated, and a description of the preferred alternative.
  1. View the traffic simulation video.
  1. View the preferred alternative PDF, which depicts a plan view of the details for the improvements

Missed the public events? Its not too late to provide your feedback. Please see the contact information form here.

Corridor Plan