The Village of Mount Prospect’s Rand Road Corridor Plan will work to identify easier and quicker connections for drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and commuters to and along this very important corridor in the Village. This plan also will aim to enhance safety and identify commercial markets to support potential development. The plan will be conducted by a team that includes the Village, IDOT, PACE, RTA, and a team of consultants – the project is supported by a grant from the RTA.

The Rand Road Corridor has a strong commercial character, which is desirable and reflects the fact that it serves as a main arterial road for Mount Prospect. This major route through the Village serves many functions, including being the home to businesses that meet the commercial needs of both the community and the region. To ensure that the roadway continues to meet these needs, the study will address how Rand Road is used and how it can be improved, particularly at key intersections like Elmhurst Road and Central Road.

This plan will focus on how and why residents and visitors travel through the corridor, and consider questions such as:

  • Would more people walk if intersections were more pedestrian friendly?
  • Could a safer feel along the corridor increase bicycle use?
  • Would more people use Pace buses if signage and shelter were provided?

A plan for short- and long-term recommendations will be based on community input and technical assessments of the project area.